Finding Happiness in a New Environment

We left the cloudy, grey, claustrophobic streets of Hanoi in April for the sunny, palm tree-laden oasis of Marrakech. I started running outside again, stopped drinking alcohol, and explored the stunning Moroccan mountains, coasts, and Saharan desert. Friendships deepened, family members and I reconnected. I was re-energized by new challenges at work, and found it quite easy … Continue reading Finding Happiness in a New Environment

J Weezy’s Favorite Bars [Rough Cut]

***This post is unfinished, but I decided to launch it rather than let it sit in my Drafts forever. Will get around to finishing it soon! 

We all have those songs that have stuck with us from our youth. Whether you grew up in the 1970’s, 80’s, 90’s, or 00’s…

Music impacts us most when we are growing adolescents; hence why Mick Jagger is still selling out stadiums in his late 70’s.

As a Jewish white boy growing up in the suburbs of the SF Bay Area, I’ve always loved rap. Now an old 26 years of age, I find myself scoffing at the mumble rap of the day and reminiscing about the less-produced sound of early 2000’s hip-hop. Perhaps my taste has changed as I’ve grown, like moving on from a Jack & Coke to a peaty Islay whiskey– neat. But what interests me most is how rappers turn their words into art, telling stories through rhythm, metaphor, and rhyme. Don’t get me wrong– I like the slaps, the slaps that go hard, but it’s the verbal wizardy that has stuck with me throughout the years.

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